I love beautiful things and memorabilia, I am a collector and an aesthete. In my search for order, space for myself and a dignified use of my belongings, Marie Kondos’ approach was a gift. The essence is to make things work for you and not against you.

Long before I first heard of Marie Kondo, my career as a decluttering expert began. 

Photo: Leona Goldstein

In my early 20s, I found myself standing in front of the 100-year-old farmhouse my parents had left me, filled from basement to roof with antiques and art from all over the world, as well as their personal belongings. At the time, I decided against the advice of an acquaintance who suggested I should dispose of everything in containers in one fell swoop. I began – while life somehow went on – to clear it all out.

Over the years, I did an insane amount of tidying and sorting out. I gained a wide variety of experiences – both in the emotional and practical process. Today, I am proud to have gone my own way and finished.
Originally from the Netherlands and currently living in Berlin, I have traveled around the world a have a love of culture and nature. I studied teaching and art history and am a certified KonMari Consultant® since 2022.

Drawing: Elmar Noteboom

“Nothing we use, hear or touch can be expressed in words as well as we perceive like our senses.”

– Hannah Arendt –

Benthe Verhagen | Professional Organizer and KonMari Consultant® in Berlin and Europe wide

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