I work with the KonMari-Method®, originating from the Japanese tidying consultant and bestselling author Marie Kondo. According to Kondo, sorting out and tidying up also creates an inner order. By consciously letting go of things, one creates space for inner needs and desires.

The goal is to sort out the entire household in a short time with a system, where all possessions should get a fixed place, because only in this way order can be maintained.

The decisive criterion when sorting out is what meaning objects have and whether they bring joy or not. This does not have to mean a radical separation from the bulk of one’s possessions. It’s more about letting things work for you instead of against you: they should uplift you, not smother you!

Marie Kondo ©KonMari Media Inc.

The goal is to create a living environment where all the things we love have a place.

– Marie Kondo –

In the KonMari Method®, decluttering is not done by room or closet, but by category. These are worked through one by one in a fixed order:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Documents and paper  
  4. Komono: small stuff or everything else
  5. Memorabilia and sentimental items

The power of this approach lies in having a precise idea of how many objects of a certain category one owns. Adhering to the order has proven to be effective in the process, as the ability to make decisions is sharpened step by step, a sense of achievement accompanies the tidying, and thus further motivation is strengthened.

For our cooperation the KonMari-Method® is a helpful compass. However, never dogmatic: let us find your very individual way together.

Marie Kondo ©KonMari Media Inc.

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Do I have to discard all my belongings now?

Of Course you can keep everything that you enjoy. Even if it is a large collection. You don’t have to throw anything away if you don’t want to. As we work together, you will learn to develop a sense of which items are really good for you and which are weighing you down.

Do we have to be on first name terms?

In the Netherlands we are mostly on first name terms, so I know that well and feel comfortable with it. The coaching sessions are personal, very individual and confidential. However, I remain respectful to communicate on a last name basis. 

Where do the discarded things go?

Sustainability is very important to me. I know many places to donate or sell. I also love to find customized and local solutions for discarded items.

Do you look in every drawer?

No! I always ask if I can! Feel free to show me what you want to share and what you don’t.   

Do you stand next to me all the time?

I would like to be at your side, I will ask questions and accompany you. I am active and also lend a hand: I carry, collect, sort, label, fold, file. I often arrange homework with customers, so they are able to do much on their own.

Is it true that I will never have to clean up again after our sessions?

Part of the process is to commit to keeping things tidy. But that’s 100x easier if everything has a fixed place. My apartment explodes every now and then, but I get it back in order quite easily. Also thanks to the KonMari-Method®.

“The most important part of this process is not decluttering. Rather, it’s about setting the stage for living with the things that make us happy.”

– Marie Kondo –

Benthe Verhagen | Professional Organizer and KonMari Consultant® in Berlin and Europe wide

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